10th Anniversary

Alberta Open Farm Days, 10th Anniversary

For our 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to recognize that farming is dependent on each other and what better way to symbolize that than with one of our favourite pollinators, the honey bee to demonstrate how much farming is interdependent. Bees pollinate the fruits, the vegetables, legumes, and without bees, much of what we eat wouldn’t be here.

Did you know...

Over the years 817 farms have participated in Alberta Open Farm Days.
Farm Visits

Did you know...

Alberta Open Farm Days has had almost 150,000 farm visits over the past 10 years.

Alberta’s Open Farm Days is in its 10th year. From its humble beginnings as a one day event that showcased agriculture’s diverse impact to our province, Open Farm Days continues to evolve and grow. This unique program blends tourism and agriculture to provide the consumer with an experience like no other. An opportunity to understand not only where our food comes from, but also the care and stewardship that Alberta’s producers take to ensure the quality and sustainability of their products.

Travellers invest their time and treasure and in return receive knowledge and memories that last. Today’s Open Farm Days program continues to provide tremendous consumer value and now includes assisting in building the capacity of the hosts themselves. Through information, education and support, our hosts can improve and expand their operations providing a more robust consumer experience and improving revenue.
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The ability for us to talk with folks in person about what we do is a huge mental health boost. Education around farmers contributing to the climate solution is very important.
Happiness By The Acre
Great way to show visitors ranching history and the harvest.
Bar U Ranch National Historic Site
This year we are delighted to share our artisan product – Honey Floss! A celebration of our highly valued Alberta local honey found dotted across the province combined with local sugar beet sugar, grown and processed in southern Alberta. This sweet little throwback treat is a unique product with a fun new twist.
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