Annelida Organics

Annelida Organics is an Alberta-born green tech company with facilities Nisku and Stony Plain specializing in worm manure referred to as worm castings or vermiculture. Our worms consume large-scale food wastes and organic matter such as coffee grounds, cardboard, horse manure, and wood chips and then produce tiny worm castings that are packed full of nutrition. They’re an all-natural soil supplement found in nature and have many benefits to the plants and soil they’re introduced to.


Take a tour of the Annelida facility. Tours will consist of a walk around the Annelida facility introducing the process of worm castings, packing, and production

Two scheduled tours:

  • the first tour at 10:00 am,
  • the second tour at 2:00 pm on Saturday



-Collecting food bank donations for the Leduc Food Bank, all donors can enter to win a gift basket for their support

-Diane’s Country Kitchen ($) and The Popcorn Shoppe ($) on site

– The Little Flower Truck ($)

-Door prizes and draws throughout the afternoon

– Interactive worm bed stationed at our facility so attendees can get hands-on experience with our red wiggler worms

– Annelida products and merchandise are available for purchase

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