Digger’s Place

We are offering at DP’s, a tour with the horses, we will be also taking a walk into the back and front area, where they will visit areas that wildlife occupy, with wetlands. They will also visit the barn where the rabbit and cats are homed and explanations of operations of a Stable. They will also visit rescues horses and ponies, that we call recovered horses and ponies. There will discussions that focus on Care, Housing, and importance of well-balanced owners and well-balanced animals.

President of a Society AEAS of 25 years ( Alberta Equestrian Awareness Society) AEAS use to host Ride for the Cure Cancer for 16 years, a Trail Ride that raised funds for Cross Cancer Clinic.
Alberta Green Certificate Program for Youths grades 10 to 12
Equine 1st Aid Instructor
We have a full camping area that if some wishes to stay on for 2nd day and do a repeat or have other hosts entertain them they can. Or just relax.
So for a menu, there will be Sloppy Joes, Ceaser Salad, and buns at a campfire.
What I hope that our guests walk away with is awareness of care of horses and enjoy their natural habitat and nature. With having a bit of everything regarding Nature, Wetlands and the importance, being able to view many little sights, Hives, were and deer moose also live. Different nests, different types of plants. Through the eyes of a horse.

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