Sunnyhill Alpacas & Twisted Sisters Mill

Visit and learn about alpacas in their natural environment, some are friendly and will come up to the fence and eat out of your hands or let you scratch their heads.
Visitors are not allowed in the pens during open farm days.
See how we make yarn from their shorn fleeces in our mini-mill, there will also be hand spinners and knitters doing demonstrations.
*Dogs will not be allowed on our farm, any unknown dog big or small terrifies the herd

Alpacas are raised for their fibre, it comes in 22 natural shades, it is a soft, durable, and extremely warm, we will have a market place open where you will have the opportunity to purchase raw fleece, yarn, roving’s and finished products made from our very own herd!
-For the little and big kids you will have the opportunity to learn how to make a felted soap, which is your’s to take home
-Excellent selfie opportunities with the alpacas as your background
-Understand and learn about these amazing animals and enjoy spending some time on an alpaca farm


Join us in August when more than 80 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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