Water Valley Hops

Please join us at Water Valley Hops for a chat, a tour, and a wee hop sample!

We will begin with a quick introduction to hops and hop farming in Alberta before walking to the hopyard to see the hops in action. We will spend the duration of the tour standing or walking. We will not go far, the yard is only 1000sqft! Please bring your friends, your questions and sturdy shoes. Kids are welcome, dogs must be leashed! We do have a public washroom. We will also have a selection of hop plants available for sale.

Hops are a new crop to Alberta, but hardly a new crop to North America. If you are familiar with beer then you have perhaps heard of hops before! Water Valley Hops began in 2016 as a trial to grow 3 or 4 plants for homebrewing and scale up from there. The trial quickly became a full-blown hopyard and today we have a modest yard of nearly 300 crowns. We grow 10 varieties of hops, some of which have been used in Alberta by breweries that are a part of the burgeoning Craft Beverage industry. Prairie Dog Brewing has featured our hops in their Harvest Pale Ale, a fresh hop fall ale. Toolshed Brewing has a year-round ALL-ALBERTA ingredient beer called Prairie Pride that features our hops. And, Two Rivers Distilling has a small batch beer they use in their cocktails that features our hops as well.

In addition to hops, we also grow and procure a number of other botanicals for the Craft Beverage industry. Mint, coriander, and dill have all found their way into products from folks such as Confluence Distilling and Fallentimber Meadery.

We hope that in visiting our little farm you will gain some insight into the local, craft ingredients that are making their way into your favorite beverages.

Our tours will begin on the hour, every hour from 9 am until 3 pm. Please use Farmzy (link above) to book your time and follow usĀ @wvhops on Instagram for more information!

Join us in August when more than 100 farms, ranches, and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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