Wildflower Bride Honey

Tour of the Historic Berube House (according to public health indoor capacity restrictions) featured in the Alberta Archives
Tour of the Beeyard
Tour of Fallaway Farms Market Gardens
Nature’s Table Walk of some of the Natural Edible Plants in the Aspen Parkland
Sheep Herding demonstration and Lamb Visit
Bees and Teas Event on the veranda with a choice of teas-with honey of course- and Saskatoon scones for $5 per person
Market Garden and Wildflower Bride Honey sales

Wildflower Bride Farms looks over an amazing view of valley and woodlands and natural waterways of the Aspen Parkland. The Historic Berube House, built in 1906, is a favorite of many visitors to the farm. The busiest workers on the farm are the hardworking bees, gathering nectar from the Aspen Parkland to create a beautiful wild floral honey. Other friendly residents of the farm include our rescue cows and our flock of sheep. Our sheepdog, Hudson, will gladly demonstrate the sheep round up! Don’t miss the innovative and child friendly market garden from our partners at Fallaway Farms. After enjoying the tour of your choice and your visit to our 1940’s reconditioned barn, we invite you to enjoy local teas and saskatoon scones on the original veranda of the historic house. Tea and scones- with honey of course- will be $5 per person. Our Bucket Families will be able to refill their buckets from the farm tank and see what the new season honey tastes like!


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