Eh Farms

Eh Farms is a family-owned farm in Strathmore, Alberta that specializes in raising pure Red Mangalitsa (Woolly) pigs for breeding and for culinary use. If you’ve not hears of Red Mangalitsa pigs before, you’re not alone. Red Mangalitsa (or red woolies as farmer, Christina calls them) are a Hungarian heritage breed and are one of the last hairy breeds with a wooly fleece-like coat.

Red Mangalitsa pork is known for it’s marbled meat with LOTS of flavour. Unlike other breeds of pigs, Mangalitsa pigs take two years to mature and in that time, they forage at the farm eating,

“a natural diet filled with vegetables, fruits, and grains, in addition to the nutrients they find on the ground” – Eh Farms. 


Learn more about Red Mangalitsa and how Eh Farm raises its pigs and how you can have a chance to try this delicious post in the video below. 


Eh Farms participated in the Open Farm Days/Organic Box pilot project in 2020 in light of the pandemic and shortage of meat. Read more about Eh Farms and the project HERE.