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How to get the most out of Open Farm Days!

Open Farm Days is a great opportunity to get out of the city, or town and visit your neighbouring communities, eat delicious food and meet your farmers! Here are some things you should keep in mind while planning your Open Farm Days adventures. Planning your trip Step #1: Choose Your Host Farms Visit the host farms page to start adding
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Bison Pâte – Open Farm Days 2023 Incubator Product

As an incubator for Ag Tourism, Open Farm Days provides an opportunity for farms to explore Agritourism.  Our food incubator program is designed to explore recipes and processing in an accessible format for our farms to encourage local food processing on a micro scale.  The program has created and nourished new product development from local craft sour Cherry juice to
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Open Farm Days 2023 – Colouring Pages

This year our featured artist, Liz Buller Page,  has created two colouring sheets for us to use as we to continue to celebrate the year of the bison! Please feel free to download and colour as you like. As Liz says, as her buffalo is blue, please colour your buffalo as you like! How to download: Click on either the
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Alberta Open Farm Days Launch at Metis Crossing, June 12, 2023

Thank you for joining us for the 11th annual Alberta Open Farm Days Launch Event Speakers Lilly Rose, Métis Crossing Juanita Marois, CEO, Métis Crossing Dale Kirkland, Superintendent, Elk Island National Park Tim Carson, CEO, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies Nizar Abouchami, Servus Credit Union Tannis Baker, Food Tourism Strategies Chef Liana Robberecht Liz Buller Page, artist Nicola Doherty, Marketing
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Learn More About Our Featured Animal

This year we are shining a spotlight on one of Alberta’s keystone species, Bison, which has been a historically important part, not just of the eco-system in Alberta, but also a keystone ingredient for people that have lived on this land. The buffalo was an incredibly important part of Indigenous people of the plains. The buffalo hunt was a part
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Meet our Feature Artist – Liz Buller Page

This year, Open Farm Days is excited to announce our partnership with artist Liz Buller Page to celebrate our agricultural theme this year, Bison. You’ll be able to see Liz’s image of a buffalo incorporating native plants within the body of this female buffalo including wild flowers, grasses, and berries. About Liz Liz is a member of the Treaty 6
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Open Farm Days 2023 Training for Host Farms

Open Farm Days is back in full gear for the 2023 event, including our training sessions for our host farms! Training sessions are FREE and are open for anyone that is interested for any farms or organizations interested in participating in an Open Farm Days event. Early Registration Open Farm Days will be taking place August 19 & 20, 2023
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Where You Can Shop On Farm in Alberta

There are many ways to shop farm fresh in Alberta, from a farmers market to subscription boxes, but did you know that many farms have a store onsite, will deliver or ship food to you? We’ve created a list of how to shop straight from a farm in Alberta! There are two ways to search this information, by food type
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Honey Floss – Alberta Open Farm Days Anniversary Product

For Alberta Open Farm Days 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to recognize that farming is dependent on many things, such as community, family, and on other farm products. What better way to symbolize that than with one of our favourite pollinators, the honey bee. The bee and its hive demonstrates how much farming is interdependent. Bees pollinate the fruits,
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Open Farm Days 10th Anniversary

Farming in Alberta, doesn’t happen insularly. It takes community, family, friends, colleagues, hard work, research, early mornings but also, farmers helping farmers. It takes working together, supporting each other (farmers, producers and consumers) and realizing we’re all part of a complex interconnected system. What better way to symbolize that than with one of our favourite pollinators, the honey bee, to
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Beekeeping in Alberta

Did you know that Alberta is the largest honey producer in Canada and the third largest in North America? Alberta’s commercial beekeepers manage 25 billion bees; around 300,000 colonies and produce 40 million pounds of honey every year! Beekeeping in our province is a substantial contributor to the agricultural industry. Honey bees pollinate crops which increase yields and production. One third of the food
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Where to visit a farm this Christmas

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in “Christmas on the Farm” events around Alberta this December. From hayrides, smores, and eating locally made products, it’s a whole different experience than farm visits in the summer, and something you’ll definitely want to check out! We’ve compiled a list of farm events around the province for you to attend. Hartell Homestead
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Preserving your Pumpkin this Fall

There are few things more quintessential when you think of fall than the pumpkin, and its versatility has made it into our lattes, pancakes, and decor. If you’re planning on using your pumpkins as decor this fall, here are some tips on preserving them (before you carve them) for the perfect porch display or for storing them for cooking throughout
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Visiting a Winery, Brewery or Distillery during Open Farm Days 2021

Alberta’s brewery, distillery, and winery industry is a growing industry in Alberta. From 7 in 2016 to 47 in 2021, the license for liquor has grown. Alongside the craft scene which in the last five years has seen a growth from 33 E licensed breweries and this year there are 133 in the province. Brewers Journal You can experience the
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Open Farm Days – Incubator Project 2020

The Open Farm Days Incubator Program started in 2020 in collaboration with Alberta Open Farm Days and Open Farm Days participating farm. The program gives local farms the opportunity to develop their own product from scratch. While using home-grown ingredients, participants then have the opportunity to sell that product as an addition to their business.  The Incubator Program’s goal is
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Purchasing from a CSA in Alberta

As the weather warms we’re thinking about cleaning up our own yards and perhaps growing our own gardens for the summer. Many of our farmers are starting their registration for CSA’s or Community Supported Agriculture. For those new to CSA’s, it’s a way for consumers farmers to connect with in-season locally grown products. The consumer buys a share of the
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Open Farm Days Gift Guide

Did you shop from a farm this year? Whether it was direct from a farm, through local business, the Open Farm Days and Organic Box collaboration during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, or during the Open Farm Days event there are always lots of opportunities to shop from a farm. This holiday season is no different, and we’re
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Open Farm Days Juice

In 2020 we embarked on a small incubator program for Open Farm Days as an extension of the Open Farm Days collaborative beer program launched in 2019.  The group decided to explore a juice option utilizing fruit from a local U-Pick Farm. DNA Gardens, a fruit tree nursery orchard in Elnora, was selected given the abundance of juice from the
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How to schedule your visit this Open Farm Days

How we move about our days has been challenged by COVID-19 and, it’s also impacted how Open Farm Days may be experienced this year. Many of the things that we have grown to love such as donning bee suits and packing onto a wagon ride will look different. What won’t be different will be the thrill of visiting a farm
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Have A Picnic During Open Farm Days

If you’re heading on the road for Open Farm Days this year there are many culinary adventures you can embark on from food trucks selling local food to BBQs at the farms. One culinary tradition we’re excited is continuing into 2020 is the picnic at the farm. There are two farm created picnics you can order for your Open Farm
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Planting Trees and Shrubs in Alberta

Planning to plant and planting trees and shrubs with Paulette Sparks with Wild Country Gardens   Planting trees and shrubs is a big deal.  They last a long time and each tree and shrub has its own life style.  Make sure the trees and shrubs you plan to plant are what you really want in your yard before you plant.  
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Chef Inspired Open Farm Day – Wildrose Tourtiere Pie

We often think of food as single entities and not as part of a bigger regional story, thus we wanted to showcase food that is grown in Alberta with a regional twist with Wheatland County. Wheatland County is a municipal district in south-central Alberta, Canada, east of Calgary. To make this pie we used the following: Ingredients: One pound of
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Chef Inspired Open Farm Days

Welcome to Chef Inspired Open Farm Days! In collaboration with our farmers, The Organic Box, and chefs from around the province, we bring you a series of meals and videos that bring together Albertan farm-fresh food, inspiration from local chefs, groceries delivered to your home, and delicious meals. For 8 weeks in the spring of 2020 we curated bi-weekly meals
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Seed Start 101

If there is a silver lining that can be seen through the pandemic currently sweeping the globe, it is that many people are looking towards trying their hand at gardening. While I will admit I am somewhat biased to the subject, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see the greater population looking towards local food sources. Gardening is a wonderful
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Open Farm Days Box Partner with The Organic Box

Open Farm Days creates a unique farm box in partnership with The Organic Box  We are excited to announce a pilot program with The Organic Box. Starting April 24, customers will be able to purchase one of three curated boxes filled with products from the farms you’ve visited over the last 7 years. There are a limited number of boxes
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Eh Farms

Eh Farms is a family-owned farm in Strathmore, Alberta that specializes in raising pure Red Mangalitsa (Woolly) pigs for breeding and for culinary use. If you’ve not hears of Red Mangalitsa pigs before, you’re not alone. Red Mangalitsa (or red woolies as farmer, Christina calls them) are a Hungarian heritage breed and are one of the last hairy breeds with
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Open Farm Days – Winter Edition

    Love Alberta Open Farm Days? How would you like a winter version? Experience life on the farm in winter! See how the animals keep warm and how farmers job is never (ever) done.   December 14-15  Alberta Open Farm Days is piloting a winter program in Strathmore and Wheatland County in south-central Alberta. A select number of farms
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Troubled Monk

For true food lovers, especially gardeners, the appreciation for food, be it a beautifully composed dish from a top restaurant or a simple and comforting homemade pie, not only comes from the tastes and smells of the dish, but also how its ingredients came to be and how it brings people together.  Likewise, for beer geeks, wine lovers and spirits
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Old Red Barn

Melissa Schur wants you to know where your food comes from.  Schur, a fourth-generation farmer at the Glen Park Holstein dairy farm in Leduc, along with her husband Matt, have been coming up with different ways to connect Albertans to the family farm. Schur’s parents Rudy and Karen Gengler own the family farm.  The most popular (and delicious) way they’ve
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Garlic Goodness – An Organic Farm Experience 

“We have a perfect climate for growing gorgeous and tasty varieties of hardneck garlic” – Garlic Goodness Are you a big fan of garlic?  Lorraine and Kevin at Garlic Goodness farm in Red Deer is the perfect location for you to visit during Open Farm Days. Lorraine and Kevin traded their corporate life for family farm life and haven’t looked back
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Snout to Tail with EH Farms

EH Farms is one of the host farms participating in Alberta Open Farm Days. Visit Eh Farms on Saturday, Aug. 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Also at EH Farms, the Mangalitsa Heaven “Snout to Tail” Long Table Dinner will take place Aug. 17 from 6:30 to 10 p.m.. Go to albertaopenfarmdays.ca for details, including tickets to the
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Alberta Open Farm Days Beer: A Story of Collaboration and Local Ingredients

Alberta has an abundance of local ingredients that are used to brew beer, and after the laws changed around small craft breweries, Albertans started to take notice. Since then, craft breweries have been popping up all around the province to help bring this small but awesome industry to the forefront, all while using the most local ingredients they can find.
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Treat yourself to an Alberta farm-to-table dinner under the prairie skies 

Join the Prairie Farm Project on Aug. 17 for a one-of-a-kind dining experience  It doesn’t get any fresher than dinner right in the middle of the farm field, where the food on your plate was harvested just hours before. That’s the idea behind the farm-to-plate dinner at Lazy T Farm on Aug. 17, in partnership with two other nearby farms,
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Wild Life Distillery 

    This year will mark seven years of Alberta Open Farm Days, and for two days in August, farms across the province are opening their doors so we can meet the farmers and learn more about what they do, and where our food comes from. It’s a fun weekend, a little educational, and usually very tasty too. But when
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Rocky Meadows Country Getaway: come for the pie, stay for the mini golf

  Lori and Vince Toker operate Rocky Meadows Country Getaway on their farm near Bonnyville. They started a saskatoon U-pick several years ago, and now farm several kinds of berries, offer fruit pies at the café and operate a campsite and mini golf course created from vintage farm equipment. It’s a relaxed country paradise off the highway, two and half
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Experience the journey from hive to table at Paradis Valley Honey

Drive with your windows open in mid-summer along Highway 49 east and you can’t miss the sweet aromas of blooming clover. The area around Falher is prime honey country. It’s here that Charles Paradis found a new home in Girouxville for his bees, transporting them by train from St. Hughes, Quebec in the 1950’s. Now, Danny, a seventh-generation beekeeper, and
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HGB Bison Ranch

George Briggs grew up on a mixed farm near Olds. The family raised cattle and had milking cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, and huge vegetable gardens. It was pitchfork after pitchfork of hard work and when he turned 18, George hit the road to Calgary to get an education and build a career in oil and gas.    You can take
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DNA Gardens

The land east of Elnora and west of the Red Deer River rolls from parkland to prairie in long, sweeping valleys and verdant hills. It’s a beautiful part of Alberta and in among those hills and valleys, just south of Highway 590, sits one of the more unique agricultural operations in the province – DNA Gardens. It’s home to Arden
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Cold Creek Farm and Campground

Tom Petruniak and Mary Thiessen had a dream. A dream that came true in the form of the farm they purchased together in 2014.  When the couple first toured the property, located 1 hour west of Edmonton, the vision they shared was ignited into reality. “The location was perfect – it’s right off the highway,” said Tom. “It’s 100% asphalt,
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Kneehill County Makes the Perfect Rural Alberta Open Farm Days Wander

Drive East of the QEII in between Innisfail and Airdrie and chances are you’ll stop somewhere in Kneehill County. Set amongst the rolling prairie hills, Kneehill County is rich in agricultural diversity, creative ingenuity, and natural wonder. Within one hour’s drive from Calgary or Red Deer you’ll find a host of things to eat, drink, and experience. During Alberta Open
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