How to schedule your visit this Open Farm Days

How we move about our days has been challenged by COVID-19 and, it’s also impacted how Open Farm Days may be experienced this year.

Many of the things that we have grown to love such as donning bee suits and packing onto a wagon ride will look different. What won’t be different will be the thrill of visiting a farm for the first time, from seeing animals, tasting local food and experiencing the beautiful scenery of rural Alberta.

One major change is that we are asking attendees to schedule visits with farms from the farm profiles on our website. This will require a little more planning on behalf of our attendees.

Scheduling visits is important because it enables farms to be in compliance with Alberta Health Services guidelines (only 100 people are allowed to be at a farm at a time), and allows people to feel comfortable and able to socially distance.

Here’s how that works:

  1. Visit the farms’ profiles on the Open Farm Days website. Use the filter function to see farms that will be in your area, and/or things you’d be interested in seeing. Make sure to check the date, and times on the farms to see when they are participating during Open Farm Days.
  2. Once you’ve found farms that you would be interested in seeing click the “add to trip” button.
  3. These farms will now be stored to help you create your map and your directions. You can add and delete farms from your “trip.”
  4. Once you have your trip planned, you can schedule your time with the farms. You can schedule your time by clicking on the button at the top of each farm profile. The scheduling button looks like this. It will take you to a website called “Farmzy.” Complete your scheduling and you’re ready to go.

**When using the Farmzy website and scheduling your farm visits, it’s important that your email is verifed when you sign up to be able to complete registration. **

Other ways you can be respectful at the farms in the times of COVID by following the guidelines from the Chief Health Officer: 

  • Follow the guidelines provided at the farms
  • Wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer
  • Travel only with people in your immediate family or cohort
  • Keep your distance! Two metres apart from other visitors
  • Be patient. We know this is different from previous years and farms are having to adjust too.

It’s going to be a welcome opportunity to leave the city and explore the wide-open spaces and farms are excited to welcome you and show you farming in Alberta.