Ehrenholz Farms

Ehrenholz Farms is known for great farm-raised beef and this year we are working to raised great farm-fresh produce, too! We believe that the farm is a place where the words “abundance” and “life” are in action every day. We strive to build a place where high-quality food is produced in abundance, with an eye to promoting life on the farm, in the local ecosystem, and in the community.

Visitors to our farm will see how we run the farm like an ecosystem, learning how our livestock, garden, soil biology, and the local wildlife all work together to make great food and great place to live and work.

This year’s Open Farm Day will be hosted by farm owner Valerie Ehrenholz, along with various staff and family members.


10 am – Bee Friendly Gardening
11 am – Farm Tour
12 pm – Picnic on the Lawn (BYOBasket)
1 pm – Livestock Handling Demonstration
2 pm – Farm Tour
3 pm – Wetlands Tour
4 pm – Livestock Handling Demonstration
All scheduled events are free.

All Day:
– Guided Garden Harvest
It’s U-Pick, with a Guide!
Cost: $10 for first 10 lbs harvested, additional produce may be purchased for $2/lb
– Farm Yard Scavenger Hunt
– Family Portraits (At photographer’s rates)

Join us in August when more than 80 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators open their gates and invite visitors to share in local stories, see on-farm demonstrations and purchase locally grown and produced products.

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