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Farm Type: Meadery




Leduc County

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We take honey and water and various other local inputs such as saskatoon berries, haskap berries, local herbs and blend them together before adding yeast to make an ancient alcoholic beverage… in fact… the oldest purposefully fermented beverage on Planet Earth

We won Gold and Silver in the mead category for two of our meads. We are the nearest meadery to the city of Edmonton and have a patio deck where guests can enjoy the quiet of rural Alberta while trying mead and partaking in some light snacks. Will, Kevin, Kim, Wendy and Dano are all local. Some have been here for decades and know every little thing about the community and some have come from as far away as East Asia to make rural Alberta their home.

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Farm Details

Host Name: Will Munsey / Kevin Borch /


Phone: (780) 297-3811



Start Time: 11:00 AM

End Time: 5:00 PM

Date: Saturday, August 19th only


Address: 4999 Centre Street New Sarepta AB, T0B 3M0


Just 2 km off Highway 21, in the Hamlet of New Sarepta

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