Meet Our Feature Artist – Kaylee Wray

This year, Alberta Open Farm Days is excited to announce our partnership with  artist Kaylee Wray to celebrate our agricultural theme this year, Alpacas! This fun and whimsical image was created to celebrate the alpacas prized soft durable wool and their gentle temperament and social personalities.


About Kaylee




Kaylee Wray is an Edmonton based artist and the creative mind behind Kay Rose Creative. Kalyee is a full-time artist, specializing in creating rainbow animal portraits, as well as providing themed princess parties and face painting. Kaylee also shares her painting expertise through teaching. With a lifelong passion for art, she values the opportunity to bring joy and a sense of liberation through creativity to others.

After graduating from MacEwan University, focussing on graphic design and photography, Kaylee worked as a photographer until her passion for art and teaching brought her back to art.

Kaylee’s mission is to inspire everyone to embrace their carefree mindset and to provide a nurturing space where individuals can discover their true selves.





Interview with Kaylee Wray

Open Farm Days: You paint a lot of animals, can you tell us more about what you love about painting animals?

Kaylee: Animals are something I believe we can all relate to—an unhindered, unfiltered expression of life. We can see ourselves in their freedom, relaxation, and moodiness. Being able to paint them is a wonderful way to create connections. For example, I love seeing people visit my art booth and light up; they talk about how it reminds them of a coworker, their childhood on a farm, or a vacation. Animals are always around us, prompting us to pause and perceive the world for what it is and how we can experience it without a checklist of to-dos. They represent us unencumbered, so how wonderful it is to capture that moment and share it with the world, evoking happy memories.

Open Farm Days: Tell us about your style of art work and working with rainbows and animals.

Kaylee: My art serves as an escape, both for myself and others. Its purpose is to discover small moments of happiness amidst the rush and swirling emotions of a day. I draw inspiration from animals and vibrant rainbow imagery, as they represent, to me, the purest form of joy. My goal is to create art that motivates me to find light in the darkest days and share that uplifting experience with others!

Open Farm Days: What guides you as an artist?

Kaylee: My artistic journey is always evolving, and the moment I find it no longer brings me the same fulfillment I find myself drifting and ever so slightly turning it to the next adventure. I hope to inspire people with this idea to know that it is okay to change, question, and push against what you have been doing in all facets of their life. I have had several artisan careers from photography, digital art, hand painted art, sculpture, murals, pet portraits, painting parties, and now face painting and princess parties. I do not regret a single switch or detour, experiences connect you, and allow you to become who you are.


Interested in learning more about Kaylee’s art or commissioning her to paint your favourite animal? Head on over to Kaylee’s website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.