Open Farm Days Box Partner with The Organic Box

Open Farm Days creates a unique farm box in partnership with The Organic Box 

We are excited to announce a pilot program with The Organic Box.

Starting April 24, customers will be able to purchase one of three curated boxes filled with products from the farms you’ve visited over the last 7 years.

There are a limited number of boxes to be purchased, and so it’s best to buy one before they’re gone!


Meat Box North – $99.99 

Organic Box Open Farm Days Meat Box North


Including meat products from northern Albertan Farmers


Meat Box South – $100

Organic Box Open Farm Days Meat Box South


Including meat products from southern  Albertan Farmers



Alberta Pantry Box  – $49.99


Includes pantry products from around the province.




You can order these boxes on The Organic Box website from April 23 to April 28 and will boxes will be delivered to customers from April 28 through to May 1st. 


About The Organic Box

The Organic Box is owned and operated by a local Edmonton farming family. With more than 40 team members in Alberta and a network of supporting farming families across western Canada, we work together to find ways to eat sustainably.