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Visit Farming Smarter Aug. 19 and take yourself on an adventure! Families or individuals can accept a challenge at the gate. Participants will visit the learning centers and booths to find answers to a set of questions and earn a prize.

Book yourself onto a wagon ride (11:00 am & 1:30 am) to explore the research plots and see the variety of crops grown in Alberta. Learn about the work Farming Smarter does to help farmers adopt best management practices that con” “We are known for a wagon ride to the research plots and a great barbecue lunch
We are a large, public facility that allows for many booths dedicated to all aspects of agriculture
Visitors will have a self-directed learning opportunity that can include a wide variety of knowledge centers and experiences
Farming Smarter is an agriculture innovation hub that changes the way people farm through innovation and unbiased research

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Farm Details

Host Name: Farming Smarter


Phone: 403-317-0022



Start Time: 11am - 3pm

Date: Saturday, August 19th only


Address: 211034 Hwy 512, Lethbridge County


3km east of Lethbridge city limit on HWY 512

From Hwy 3 in Lethbridge

Turn south on 43 street at the east side of Lethbridge

Turn east on secondary highway 512 (1 ave. South) and travel 3 km

Farming Smarter is on the north side of the road housed with Lethbridge College.

You will see signs for both on the road.

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