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Farm Type: Elk, Bison, Beef, Long Horn, Wild Boar, Horse, Small Animals (Chickens, Rabbits, Cats, Dog) Farm





Driving to our farm you will drive by 2 pens of bison and our longhorn pen. During your visit to our farm, you will get to see a variety of animals. Drive along our country road to see elk cows and calves!  You will have a chance to feed a longhorn, pet a horse, see rabbits, chickens, cats and our farm dog. You will also get to look at wild boars, & visit our unique farm store. Our farm store features our government inspected bison, elk, wild boar, pork and beef, all raised on our farm!! Our animals are grain finished so they are super tasty! We also have government inspected chicken and turkeys; these are raised by our friends for you to enjoy!!

Our unique farm store also has a variety of amazing local vendor products! Fresh potatoes & produce, spices, smokers, jams, jellies, teas, sewing, crafts, jewelry, homemade soaps, laundry soap, honey, home milled flour & more! As well we are hosting a few extra vendors for you to enjoy! Baking, Tupperware, pampered chef and Watkins, fresh flower bouquets to name a few!

Bring your lunch and enjoy a picnic in our yard, or come enjoy elk taco in a bag and a bison burger.

We want to give everyone a chance to see our animals and get to ask questions about them. Get to know where your food is coming from!

We are a family owned and operated farm.

Our farm has something for everyone!!

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Farm Details

Host Name: Todd & Jackie Veldhouse


Phone: 780-865-8744



Start Time: 10:00 am

End Time: 4:00 pm

Date: Saturday August 13th & Sunday August 14th


Address: 55017 RGE RD 100 Wildwood