Open Farm Days Gift Guide

Did you shop from a farm this year? Whether it was direct from a farm, through local business, the Open Farm Days and Organic Box collaboration during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, or during the Open Farm Days event there are always lots of opportunities to shop from a farm.

This holiday season is no different, and we’re collecting the different ways you can add Albertan farm products to your holiday tradition.

This can be done by purchasing ingredients for your meals from a farm, purchasing presents for others (sharing the local farm love), attending an event on a farm, or purchasing artisanal products using local ingredients.

Since the holiday season is busy – and add on top a challenging 2020 – we wanted to make it easy for you by compiling gifts and food parcels you can buy directly from your local farmers.


Food Parcels

Stone Post Farms – Sausage Pack

Cost:  $55

Order: Online at

Delivery: Can be picked up on the farm. or delivered to the greater Edmonton area as well as Jasper/Hinton/Edson/Wildwood.

Includes: Pasture-raised pork from Stone Post Farms that has been made into 6 different varieties of sausage by the talented crew at Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market & Charcuterie.

This food parcel includes a sampler of all Stone Post Farms sausages including one pack of each:

-Bratwurst, Herbed Brunch, Andouille, Rosemary & Fennel, Maple Breakfast, Garlic ring

Sausages are ALL gluten, dairy, egg and soy-free; no fillers – only the good stuff!

Other ways to support: Connect with StonePost on their website, their Facebook page or their Instagram page.



Blue Ridge Farms – Christmas Boxes

Cost:  $115 (small) $235 (large)

Order: Online

Delivery: Can be picked up from the farm store or at the butcher in North Edmonton. Pick up details will be given once the order has been placed.


Small: 1 x Small Cherry Wood Charcuterie Board with Black Walnut Inlay, 1 x Whole Chicken (~3 lbs), 1 x Breakfast Patties (4/pack), 2 x Lean Ground Beef (1 lb/pack), 1 x Pork Bratwurst Dinner Sausages (4/pack), 2 x Thick Cut Pork Chops (2/pack, bone-in), 1 x Garlic Ring,  1 x Kids Pepperoni (6 pepperettes), 2 x Bacon (~1 lb/pack, guaranteed favorite!).

Large: 1 x Large Cherry Wood Charcuterie Board with Black Walnut Inlay, 1 x Sourdough Bagels (Cheese or Seed bagels, 6/pack), 1 x Whole Chicken (~3 lbs), 1 x Beef Jerky (S & P), 1 x Pork Bratwurst Dinner Sausages (4/pack), 1 x Beef Dinner Sausages (4/pack), 1 x Garlic Ring, 2 x Thick Cut Pork Chops (2/pack, bone-in), 2 x Bacon (~1 lb/pack), 6 x Lean Ground Beef (1 lb/pack), 1 x Beef or Pork Stew Meat (1 lb/pack), 1 x Dry Aged Pepperoni (4 sticks), 2 x Kids Pepperoni (6 pepperettes/pack), 1 x Breakfast Patties (4/pack)






L’il Riley Farms – Christmas Breakfast Boxes.

Cost: $65

Order: Online *limited quantities*

Delivery: Deliveries to Sherwood Park, St Albert, Leduc & Edmonton will take place on Dec 22nd.
Deliveries to Camrose & Killiam will happen on Dec 23rd.
You can also get doorstep delivery for a flat rate of $10.


We are extremely excited to be teaming up with other amazing local producers to bring you these boxes and make your Christmas morning a little extra special!

Each box will include eggs, bacon, microgreens, coffee, biscottis, tea & a fresh loaf of bread!

Other producers included in the box are Lazuli Farms, NRG Coffee, Little Bird Baking, The Flour House, The Northern Table


Good Morning Honey – “Mind Your Own Beeswax” DIY Candle Kits

Cost: 5 candle kit – $15

10 candle kit – $25

           15 candle kit – $35

Order: By emailing  – more information on their Facebook Post.

Delivery: Edmonton area delivery, farm pick up by appointment and ship with Canada Post.

“Mind Your Own Beeswax” DIY Candle Kits:
Gift Boxes made to order. Email for details